Firmus Energy Super 5 Series (2014) at Mary Peters Track

Hi all,

   The  Firmus Energy Super 5 Series (2014) at Mary Peters Track begins this year on 17th April. Athletes from the age of 8 (on the day) can compete in this series and it gives invaluable experience to any kids hoping to compete in the future. All of the kids who competed for the club last year went on to have really good seasons on both track and at cross-country, kids such as Ultan, Caitlin, Odhrán, Cathal, Darragh, Gemma, Tara …. and more. Three of these kids (Cathal, Caitlin and Odhran) represented the club at the indoor All-Irelands last week in Athlone having competed and learned the ropes at this series last year, and all 3 set PBs in Athlone. If at all possible we would ask that as many parents as possible try to get their kids down to one or two of this series of 5 events.The Mary Peters track is a fantastic setting. They will gain invaluable experience, and hopefully give them the impetus to want to go on and compete further. Have a look at the following website for further details – a timetable is downloadable for the first event on 17th ——–

If you have any questions or wish your child to take part, let one of the coaches know and we’ll take it from there.



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